Technician Certification

When you want to ensure your vehicle is in good hands, turn to the professionals at Pozzuto’s Auto Service. Our ASE-certified technicians have the knowledge and skills to fix your vehicle and get you back on the road.

ASE certification in White Oak, PA, helps consumers distinguish between competent and incompetent technicians. This qualification was established in 1972 with the mission to improve the quality of vehicle service and repair through the testing of auto service professionals. There are currently more than 420,000 professionals with ASE certifications. They work in many different segments of the automotive industry, from dealerships to independent garages--and you’ll find some right here at our auto repair shop.

During the certification process, candidates are required to take one exam for every specialty they’re interested in. There are more than 40 exams in fields such as auto service consulting, collision damage estimation, parts specialization, automobile service, school bus service, and more. These tests are rigorous; about one in three candidates fail. But this is what makes an ASE certification is such a high honor.

In addition to passing their exams, candidates must provide proof of at least two years of relevant work experience. If they meet these qualifications, they get their certification. However, this isn’t a lifelong certification; technicians must retake tests every five years.

Having an ASE certification lets consumers know that their mechanics have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform quality work. It also shows how serious they are about the automotive service industry.

You can identify ASE-certified mechanics by their blue and white ASE insignia. They usually carry their credentials with them, including their areas of expertise. Visit our repair shop to work with an ASE-certified technician. We are confident that we can identify and fix even the most complex car issues you’re facing.

Consumers should look for facilities that display the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence© logo.